During November and December this year I visited Chile and Argentina for a short tour presenting some live performances, concluding in my participation in TSONAMI Festival de Arte Sonoro in Valparaíso, Chile, where I conducted both a solo performance and assisted John Grzinich with a workshop leading to a site specific collaborative performance/intervention with John and the workshop participants.

Nov 13th: Valparaíso, Chile : Acéfalo festival. Rubén Darío Univ de Valparaíso, 8pm

Nov 16th: Buenos Aires, Argentina : Festival Fuga, in collaboration with Juan Jose Calarco and Pablo Reche, Fundación Lebensohn 

                                                          Ciclo Hertz, una.casa.club (10pm)

Nov 29th: Santiago, Chile : Collaboration with SEÑAL
                                  CUAJAR: Aesthetic Operations from Libertarian Territories - Libreria Proyeccion, San Francisco 51.
                                  more details here
December 3rd - 8th: Valparaíso, Chile : TSONAMI Festival de Arte Sonoro

December 6th
tarab (Australia) | Derek Holzer (USA) | John Grzinich (USA/Estonia)
19:30 hrs | Conciertos y Performance | Teatro PCdV

7 December
John Grzinich (USA/Estonia) + Eamon (Australia) + invitados
17:00 hrs | Acciones e Intervenciones | Sala Dispositivo Cultural, Universidad de Los Lagos

plus extra activities:

I will be assisting John Grzinich with his Sounding Spaces workshop for a few days (exactly which days yet to be confirmed)
Sounding Spaces (spaces that sound) | John Grzinich (USA/Estonia)
Between November 28 and December 5 | 10.00 to 14.00 hrs | Sala Cultural device, Universidad de los Lagos

link to John Grzinich's website with details of the workshop, including a live video.

Tuesday, December 3
Bogong ELECTRIC radio | tarab (Australia)
22:00 to 23:00 hrs | Radio | Valentin Letelier 97.3 FM - 94 AM | via streaming on http://www.uv.cl/radio/

Thursday, December 5
Auditory experience and field recording as contemporary aesthetics
17:30 hrs | Talks and papers | Projection room PCdV

Discussion group moderated by David Vélez (Colombia), who along with Eamon Sprod (Australia) and John Grzinich (USA/Estonia) discuss the use of recordings of sound and listening as practices of sound art.

for full festival program visit TSONAMI

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.