Jewel Station, Brunswick.
December 4th. 8pm-9:30pm

Meet us at dusk for a sonically enriched and visually titallated one off site specific performance and installation. Held on the forecourt of Jewell Railway Station. Featuring Martine Corompt, Arie Glorie, Ceri Hann, Camilla Hannan, John Jacobs, Sister with Anthony Magan and Tarab

For more info: visit here

RE::SET::The Bishop’s Parlour
Abbotsford Convent. The Bishop's Parlour.
November Sunday 8th - 11am-4pm

RE::SET is a collective formed out of the desire to explore the possibilities of public sound activities and the creation of SONIC EXPERIENCES. Drawn together by the multiplicity of ideas raised by site-specifics practise, RE::SET have presented works exploring various processes and methods in divergent locations such as galleries, park lands, domestic settings and a train line. Each event has seen a varying arrangement of organisers and performers working together to create multi disciplinary sound focused situations.

RE::SET: The Bishop’s Parlour sees a collection of local artists come together to arrange and present both performative and compositional sound works, for your auditory incitement.

November 8th. 11-4pm. Abbotsford Convent. The Bishop’s Parlour.

Featuring Ernie Althoff, Todd Anderson-Kunert, Ben Byrne, Matthew Davis, Clinton Green, Llara Goodall/Carey Knight, Camilla Hannan/Eamon Sprod, Shani Mohini-Holmes/Dale Gorfinkle, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang/Nigel Brown, John Jacobs, Llara Goodall/Carey Knight, Rebecca Jensen, Martin Kay, Michael McNab, Sister, and Thembi Soddell.

As part of Abbotsford Convent's Open Spaces project.

RE::SET Laughing Waters

Domestic enclave in a state forest: connection and disconnection inside and out of the mud brick, timber and boulder constructed environment that bleeds into the bushland. Eleven artists make sonic/physical interactions with Birrarung House and its surrounds. The invitation to the audience is a social offering: for a collective venturing to the fringe.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Jessie Scott + Camilla Hannan & Van Sowerwine + Eamon Sprod + Nigel Brown +
Tameka Carter & Amy-Jo Jory + Thembi Soddell + Zoe Scoglio & Marco Cher-Gibard +++++

Sunday 12th July 2015, 1:30 - 4:30pm

Birrarung House, 195 Laughing Waters Road, ElthaRE::SET Merri Creek.
Monday 9th March 2015m

This free event has a limited capacity. Please email to confirm your attendance and let us know if your plans change. Thanks!

Carpooling will give you a better experience! Add or join a car here. We encourage Westgarth and Eltham train stations as meeting points. This will enable passengers to take public transport if something falls through.

Note that Laughing Waters is a hilly 30-45 minute bike ride from Eltham train station.

Facebook event for updates.

Re::set Laughing Waters will be the fourth in a series of collectively run sound performance/presentations and site specific actions, each exploring divergent locations and approaches. Previous iterations have occurred at Conduit (art space), Upfield bike path, and Merri Creek.

Initiated by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Nigel Brown who are Laughing Waters Artists in Residence 2015. Supported by Nillumbik Shire Council.

RE::SET Merri Creek.
Monday 9th March 2015

A guided event along the banks of the Merri Creek that invites artists to contemplate the sonic, spacial and contextual qualities of this urban wilderness. With its pre-colonial and industrial history, its ruins, rocks and rubbish, Re::Set Merri Creek is an homage to forgotten corners. A bridging of worlds. A bridging of time. Resonant spaces.

Re::set Merri Creek will be the third in a series of collectively run sound performance/presentations and site specific actions, each exploring divergent locations and approaches.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang + Ben Byrne + Boquillas + Eamon Sprod and Collaborators + Liz Dunn + Geoff Robinson + Nigel Brown ++++++

Initiated by Zoe Scoglio

We will be meeting at the Merri Creek in Northcote on the grassy patch at the East end of Walker Street before walking as a group between sites.

The event will be followed by a picnic for those who want to stick around. Please bring something to drink and some food to share. Please note that the Merri Creek can get dirty and muddy, it’s recommended you wear good shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

RE::SET Trainspotters INC.
Friday 31st October 2014

10 artists create site specific performance works along the Upfield Bike Path as part of More ART 2014. For one evening only. Curated by Camilla Hannan and presented by re::set

Artists include: Nigel Brown, Catherine Clover, Martine Corompt, Elliot Howard, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Isobel Knowles, John Jacobs, Bruce Mowson, Zoe Scoglio and Van Sowerwine.

Excerpts from a radio program produced by Camilla Hannan of recordings made at re::set Trainspotters INC. 10 artists created site specific performances along the Upfield train line & bike path in the north of Melbourne on the night of Halloween 2014.

Recordings made by Camilla Hannan, Eamon Sprod and Martin Kay.

A full version can be heard here on Framework Radio.

September 5th 2014
RE::SET Conduit.

Conduit host's the first instalment and launch of a new series of sound activities, re::set. This series will explore various combinations of collectively run sound performance/presentations and site specific actions, each exploring divergent locations and approaches. This first event re::set conduit will feature works by

Nigel Brown: acoustic interference
John Jacobs: live word salad
Camilla Hannan: 4 channel processed space
Alice Hui-sheng Chang: duet for gate and voice
Michael Prior: cupboard sequencer
Zoe Scoglio: the sound of objects
Eamon Sprod: careful arrangements of sonic rubbish

For this first event each of the contributing artists will present overlapping individual works, slowly creeping their way from one end of Conduit to the other.

September 5th - 7:30pm for a 8:00pm SHARP start - ONE set approximately 1 hour 20 minutes long. Conduit Arts: 83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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