tarab explores re-contextualised collected sounds and tactile gestures formed into dynamic, psycho-geographical compositions inspired by discarded things, found things, crawling around in the dirt, junk, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, decay and most if not all the things he hears and sees. More than simply documenting a given site, tarab is interested in a direct engagement with our surrounds, teasing out half narratives, visceral sensation, false leads and heightened awareness.

contact: tarab AT tarab3058 DOT com

[photo: John Grzinich]


OBEX collaboration with Artificial Memory Trace : Crónica.
An incomplete yet fixed idea : Aposiopèse.
Gleaners  : Crónica.
Idée fixe  : Nonlinear.
I'm Lost  : 23five inc.
strata  :  unfathomless.
Shards of Splinters - Fragments of Scratches/Killustiku Killud - Kriimude Killud  :  Semperflornes.
Acquiescence, La Rivière Series : Kaon.
Revenant: Zeltini collaboration with Felicity Mangan, John Grzinich, Kaspars Kalninsh, Maksims Shentelevs : Unfathomless.
Take All the Ships from the Harbour and Sail Them Straight into Hell  : 23five Inc.
Utility / Les Vibrations Dans La Masse De Son Roulement split 3” with  Eric La Casa :  Compost & Height.
wind keeps even dust away : 23five Inc.
surfacedrift : Naturestrip.


VIII, Aposiopèse.
Framework 500, Framework Radio.
Hear and Now, Parisonic + Magnetic Traces 2. Book and Audio CD. Swarming
V-p V-f Is V-n, Wind Measures Recording.
Framework 250 (root edition), Framework Radio.
Magnetic Traces: A Survey Of French And Australian Sound Art, Swarming.
Re:Recorded Fields - Three Locations, Recorded Fields.
Compilations #3, Compost and Height.
Tori no Kaigi [san], Trente Oiseaux.
Tape Projects (Locked Groove), Tape Projects.
Activating The Medium: 01.26.07, 23five Inc.
Outer 04, Bus Gallery
Overland, Naturestrip


Housekeeping  Blindside, Melbourne.

careful arrangements of sonic rubbish, Reheat festival, Kleylehof, Austria.
Egress TCB, Melbourne.

Waking of the Insects. West Space, Melbourne.
Active Crossover. with Simon Wetham, Lizzie Pogson,
Jacques Soddell. ICU Castlemaine.

A transcendental fissure in the immanent fabric of things, Melbourne
Magnetic Traces, Les Instants Chavirés, Paris

Everyday Internalised Rubbish, collaboration with Camilla Hannan
Sub12, Substation, Newport
One day the rain will come, collaboration with Camilla Hannan
West Wing, Melb Central

Magnetic Traces, RMIT project space and West Space, Melbourne.
Artefact collaboration with Camilla Hannan and Thembi Soddell
Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth

Groundfault: archive of a decayed future, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy. Map/Territory: archive of a decayed future,
Victoria Park Gallery, Abbotsford 

HEX, Ethel Osbourne Hall, RMIT, Melb

This Sudden East Listening, Liquid Architecture 5, RMIT First Site, Melb

The Silence, PB Gallery, Swinburne Institute of TAFE, Prahran

selected performances

Container : private site specific performance. Northcote.
ToBeContinued : As part of 24hour live streamed performance. Curated by Stazione di Topolò, Italy.

Atonal : Umbo. Zurich, Switzerland.
Plattfon. Basel, Switzerland.
Librairie HumuS. Solo and duo with Francisco Meirino : Lausanne, Switzerland.
Cave 12. Geneva, Switzerland.
HS63. Brussels, Belgium
Data. Marseille, France
Set/30'. Nantes, France
Lieu Multiple. Poitiers, France
La Ferme de quincé. Rennes, France
Ruisburo : De Ruimte. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cafe Oto. London, United Kingdom
Long Play Cinema. Melbourne

Dotolim: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Seoul. South Korea.
Yokai SOHO: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Kyoto. Japan.
Noooo Kity: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Osaka, Japan.
Space Eauuu: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Kobe. Japan.
Art Bamboo: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Yokohama. Japan.
Soup Ochai: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Tokyo. Japan.
Ftarri: collaborative performance with Simon Whetham. Tokyo. Japan.
Conduit Arts: Melbourne.
Atunal: Long Play Cinema. Melbourne.


RE::SET: Laughing Waters, Eltham.
Chantier(s), Espace En Cours, Paris
Black Holescollaborative performance with  John Grzinich, Simon Whetham and James Wyness.
Cave 12. solo and collaborative set with Francisco Meirino. Geneva, Switzerland.
Standard/Deluxe. Lausanne, Switzerland.
HeK, Basel, Switzerland.
Avant Whatever. Alderman Hotel, Brunswick East.
Non Linear, Strange Neighbour, Fitzroy.

World of Hidden Sounds, w/ Simon Whetham and Children, Parents and Teaches from Castlemaine Primary School, Old Castlemaine Gaol.
Artificial Spatial Debris, w/ Camilla Hannan, NGV, Melbourne.

Tsonami, Valparaiso, Chile
Sounding Spaces, w/ John Grzinich, Andrés Rivera F, Guely Morató, Michel Poblete Montoya and Sebastian Vega, Tsonami, Valparaiso, Chile
Ciclo Hertz, una.casa.club, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Acéfalo festival. Rubén Darío Univ de Valparaíso, Chile Bogong: Electric. Bogong Centre of Sound Culture, Bogong Alpine Village, Victoria Liquid Architecture: Sonic City, Royal Melbourne Hospital Tunnels, w/- Camilla Hannan and Nigel Brown.

Test Tone: Superdeluxe, Tokyo
+quiet: with Hiroki Sasajima.
Ochiai Soup, Tokyo.
Active Crossover. with Simon Wetham, Lizzie Pogson, Jacques Soddell. ICU castlemaine.
Odious Pegboard, Tape Project Space, Melbourne.

Hand Made Music Festival, West Space, Melbourne. A Bunch of Twos: West Space, with Camilla Hannan, Zoe Scoglio and Cait Foran
Observatori Festival, Valencia, Spain

Seedpod: with Robert Curgenven. ICU Castlemaine.

Aftefact Tour, with Thembi Soddel and Camilla Hannan, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Bendigo.
Vacumm #2: Tape Projects Space with Camilla Hannan, Geoff Robinson, Marcus Holst, Jim McKay, Ernie Althoff.

Displaced Sounds, STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven, Belgium
Ujula, Tartu, Estonia
Vacumm #1: West Space. (4x7 hour performances) in collaboration with Camilla Hannan, Anthea Caddy, Ryan Cockburn, Matt Davis, Carl Priestley and Thembi Soddell.
Liquid Architecture. ICU castlemaine. with Cedric Peyronnet.

Activating the Medium, The Exploritorium, San Francisco, USA
DIVA Centre, Eugene, Oregon
Gallery 1412, Seattle, Washington
Someday Lounge, Portland, Oregon

Liquid Architecture, in collaboration with Sean Baxter, Rod Cooper and Anthea Caddy, Old Melbourne Watchhouse, Melbourne
Microphonics, in collaboration with Rod Cooper and Tim Catlin, Ethel Osbourne Hall, Melbourne