I am somewhat of a collector of rubbish: not an archivist, but a hoarder. HOUSEKEEPING was originally conceived as a project to finally use a large amount of this amassed junk; and then to once again discard it.

In August 2017 it was presented at Blindside, Melbourne, as an installation work for 8-channel audio, found objects, speakers, transducers, desk, chair and room.
(visit Housekeeping installation page here )

Since then it has slowly shifted form into this CD. However rather than a documentation of the installation, it has been arranged from the debris collected during the process of making it. Sound was gathered together from: raw audio materials, rehearsals, studio tests and failures; the final composition files used and recordings of the installation in-situ; both installation and de-installation; the empty gallery space; the Nicholas Building which is the home of Blindside; a performance made with Clinton Green enacted to close the installation. All collected materials were then tumbled around, cut up and de-arranged into the current form it finds itself in here.

Mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio

Much thanks to: Martina Copley and all from Blindside, Matthew Davis, Emily Jones, Helki Sprod, Clinton Green, Rohan McLeod and everyone who came to listen....