This piece was originally composed for the Bogong Electric festival in north eastern Victoria, Nov 2013. It was presented outside in the backyard of the old school which houses the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, via a PA hidden from view within the trees and behind the old cement brick wall. This is an extract of a mix made for radio, which was presented as part of the Tsonami festival in Chile, and includes "live" recordings made of the presentation. All sounds where recording in Bogong village 2012-2013, with the majority of the sounds in this extract coming from the backyard itself.

As part of the TSONAMI, on Tuesday December 3 a radio version of my piece for Bogong ELECTRIC was presented in Valparaiso:

Bogong ELECTRIC radio | tarab
22:00 to 23:00 hrs | Radio | Valentin Letelier 97.3 FM - 94 AM | via streaming on

Bogong Electric : field trip 01

Bogong Electric : field trip 02